The Wedding Barn Ladies Tea- TICKET GIVEAWAY

It’s time for tea!

Recently I posted about The Power of a Tea Party and what I learned during a busy time in my life and how it made me a better mom.

And even though we throw our own little “tea’s” at home in a matter of minutes to take a break from the day, it is still fun to get all fancied up and go out for tea.

Last year we went to a ladies tea here in central Arkansas at The Wedding Barn and had a blast.

The best part just might be picking out the hat.

Nope. The best part is the scones. Always the scones.


Just kidding. The best part is the memories made and time spent together. (and the scones.)

The tea at The Wedding Barn is an annual event and it is coming up in just a couple of weeks and my daughter and I are already signed up to go with a good friend of ours.

And I am SO EXCITED to get to offer you some FREE TICKETS! I have 3 FREE tickets to giveaway to one of you!

That means you get to go and take two people of your choice. You can take a mom, sister, friend, or whoever you want.

The giveaway will end on Tuesday May 16th and I will mail you your tickets and you will have them before the tea on May 21st.

Tips on attending the Ladies Tea at The Wedding Barn

  1. Wear a cool hat
  2. Grab a group of friends or family to hang out with
  3. Tear it up at the photo booth
  4. Brush up on your tea etiquette
  5. Have fun!

It is a come and go tea. So you just show up at 3:00, find a table and have some good conversation and tea snacks with your friends and then head out when you need to.

This year there will be a string ensemble and a harpist for your listening pleasure at the tea as well as a horse drawn carriage to convey your party to the front door.

All the proceeds from the tea will go to The Sunshine School of Searcy, which is an organization that serves students of all ages with developmental disabilities.


Come out and enjoy looking like a lady and dressing like a lady with your friends.

Don’t forget the hat!

To enter the giveaway check out the image below! Don’t forget to leave a blog post comment to be entered.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Oh– and if you might be throwing any kind of tea or shower at your own home this summer, check out this RECIPE for the best salad to serve! Make sure you pin it for later.

And speaking of tea time, here is a post where I took my daughter out to tea the day after I got a new stitch fix. We didn’t get “all fancy”, but we did pretend we were.

And here is the post about The Power of a Tea Party. 

Go ahead and enter the giveaway and I look forward to seeing you at the tea! Winning these tickets would make a great “just because” gift for someone you know. Bless someone next week!

If you can’t wait and want to give the tickets as a Mother’s Day gift then email or call 501.593.0051 to get your tickets. They are $10 each.

Also- don’t forget to check out The Wedding Barn website. It would be a great facility to rent for any function. It’s beautiful!

Enjoy! See you there!

To find out more info click HERE to find their event page for this year.

Who would you take to the tea? 

What is your favorite fancy finger food? 

Also- not sure if this is good “tea party etiquette”, but my daughter always wants a silly picture any time the camera is pulled out. Is that how your kids are too?

Oh- fun fact about this tea party– I was over  2 months pregnant during it and still hadn’t told anyone about our news, so I was constantly pulling at my dress or trying to sit up straight so that no one would guess our news before we were ready to announce. 


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  1. Love your post! Best tea time snack – ALWAYS the scones. 🙂

  2. Tina reaper says:

    I have all boys and I enjoy more than most could know the simple pleasure of something pretty:)

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