Toad Suck Race Day- Recap

It’s been almost a month so it’s about time I get my Toad Suck Daze recap up on the blog.

I’ve been wanting to write my race recap for a while. I’ve been advised by friends in the “blog world” that I need to narrow down my blog and just have one topic. For example– only write about running or only write about homeschooling or only write about family stuff. I can’t do that. Really, I don’t want to do that. I like a lot of different things so my blog is just going to be a smorgasbord of whatever. It would make blogging easier for me to  have a singular topic to write about all the time, but my brain doesn’t work like that. My brain is all over the place with about ten different lists going at once in my head and then several pen/paper lists scattered around my purse and house.

Toad Suck

So my blog might as well look the same right?

I don’t know, maybe someday I might narrow down and have a more focused blog. But for now it will be a big mix of homeschooling, running, recipes, family life stuff, faith thoughts, craft ideas for kids, random thoughts, maybe some travel, motherhood, maybe some everyday adventures, and then every now and then if I’m feeling it maybe a fashion post.

I don’t know. I like everything, so why not? I tried to narrow down the main parts of my life to see what kind of blog I’d have and it would still be a random blog of random topics.

What topics do you like to read the most from this little space???

See that– I started out to tell you about a race recap and got completely sidetracked.

So back to Toad Suck 10k recap.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I posted a lot of dorky running pictures while I was pregnant with Lane and then several after he was born as I was getting back into the groove of running and training.

So far this year, I have ran two 5ks and one 10k.

But my favorite is always the 10k. It is my favorite racing distance and Toad Suck is my favorite race.

I have been doing this race for EVER. I started in college and run it almost every year. Now it is a complete family affair where my kids run and we make a family fun day out of it. It is tradition. Afterwards we head out to the festival to explore and take funny pictures with all of the photo props.

Before I ran Toad Suck this year, I had already lost all my baby weight, been training consistently,  and already had a couple of decent times in some 5k races. So, I had to quit saying that I was “recovering from baby”. That excuse was over if I had a under par time in a race. (Well, I guess I still have a tiny excuse because I’m still not getting to sleep through the night.)

Toad Suck Race Recap 10k

This year for Toad Suck I rode with a friend so that I wouldn’t be late. This friend is super fast, coaches cross country, and is pretty much awesome in all her races. So, when we got there she started in on her warm up ritual of running a couple of miles and getting some strides in before the race. I have done this in training, but never actually before a race. But, I thought, since she’s doing it, I’m going to do it too! So I did her whole warm up ritual with her.

I have to say, after doing the warm up before the race, I felt MUCH BETTER starting the race.It was a much more comfortable start than what I’m used to.

My goal time to finish was under 48 minutes for a 10k (6.2 miles). I went back and looked at my past Toad Suck 10k times and they were all a little under 48 minutes, so I thought that was a good goal to set since it would’ve been my first 10k in over a year.

(I’ll tell you though, I had a secret goal.) All runners usually do. My goal that I would’ve been pumped about and happy with was under 48 minutes. But, my real secret goal that would’ve made me SUPER PUMPED was to finish under 46 minutes. (I didn’t tell anyone that goal though, because I thought it was completely unreachable, more of a dream.)

I met up with some runners from my local running community We all started sharing and swapping our goal times. One of the ladies was projected to finish under 42 minutes. So I told her I wanted to start out following her to help me pace myself. She was so gracious to help. Running communities are like that. They are all pretty awesome.


As I started the race, I was following her and felt pretty good. I was able to keep up with her for the first 2-3 miles which was about what I expected. Then, I ate her dust and was on my own to finish the rest of the race.

I always run with my running Garmin and it lets me know my time, distance, and pace. It has been said that it is better to race by “feel” and to not look at your watch. Well, since I was already doing new racing strategies by running a couple of miles before the race, I thought I’d try the proven method.

So, I worked on finishing the rest of the race, by just finding a good steady stride and NOT LOOKING AT MY WATCH. I set my watch to “beep” if I got too slow, that way I’d know if I was way behind pace. But I did not constantly look at my watch to check my pace. I settled in to a comfortable running pattern and did NOT RUN WITH MUSIC. I wanted to try racing by just concentrating on having good form and a consistent pace.

It was the best race I have ever done. I felt healthy and comfortable during the race and had enough energy to finish strong the last mile.

A lot of it had to do with actually warming up before the race and that I wasn’t constantly looking at my watch to check  time/pace while running.

Finish Time

My finish time ended up being 44:34. WOO HOO! I was SUPER PUMPED! Not only did I beat my 48 minute goal, but I also beat my “secret” goal.

I believe that I set my PR (personal record) for a 10k time. I somehow vaguely remember running it (maybe) faster when I was in college. But, I can’t remember and didn’t keep up with it then. So I am counting this as my PR, because I’m not really sure if I’ve ran it faster or not.

But, there is one issue. The course was short. BOO. It was a certified 10k course, but my watch and all my runner friends watches showed the race being only 6.1 miles instead of 6.2. So should I count 44:34 as my 10k time? I’ve taken a poll and everyone says YES count it! It was a certified 10k course.

At the pace I was running, I still would have finished well under 46 minutes if it had been 6.2 miles. So I’m still happy about my time.

I think I’ll go ahead and count 44:34 as my time. Yep. I’m counting it.

Oh—- and remember that super fast girl I rode with? She walked away with winning 3rd place overall. AND— the first and second place winners were both from our running community. OH— and the 4th place female! Out of the top 10 female finishers, five of them were from the running community where I’m from. FUN!

(I ended up finishing 9th female overall and 2nd in my age division.)

I do have to give credit for my finishing times to my faithful running partner who gets me out of bed at 4:15 to run a few days a week. She is hard core training for a marathon and I’m training for local 10k/5k races. So we make a pretty good team.

Running friends are kind of a big deal. (That’s a WHOLE separate post— maybe some day) What happens on a run- stays on a run.

I would like to document more of my running journey on my Instagram. But, I have a hard time taking running pictures, and feel a little silly. So promise me that if you go and follow me on Instagram, that you won’t make fun of any of my attempts to take “running” pictures.

The next race I have coming up is next weekend. It is a 2mile race in Benton. I have no idea why I signed up to run a 2mile  race. That will be a dead sprint and you will probably see my “losing my cookies” when I finish. But, it will be fun because my mom lives in Benton, so I’m going to invade her house and my daughter is running the race with me!

So stay tuned for that race recap. It might end up on the blog. Maybe. We will see.

If you’d like to hang out between blog posts the best place to find me is on Instagram, so click HERE to follow me there.


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