Stitch Fix Reveal

Oh my word! Earlier this month I went shopping for Easter outfits for my family. I have NEVER had us coordinate on Easter before, but for some reason this year I got the motivation to try it.

I took two of my four kids with me on the shopping trip, because getting away by yourself is impossible, which is okay because I enjoy their company. But shopping with kids is HARD WORK and not worth it to me.

We went to a couple of stores and after getting the big ol’ heavy car seat in and out, in and out, in and out—- I said FORGET IT! We are going to the mall so I don’t have to get a car seat in and out over and over. We aren’t even going to talk about how many trips to the bathroom you have to take when shopping with little people.

So when I got home, I decided that it was time for me to schedule another stitch fix for myself because there was no way I was going to have the time or motivation to go shopping again.

If you haven’t tried it, I recommend it. It’s fun! If you want to try it CLICK HERE and use my referral link.

Stitch Fix will send you 5 items to try and you return anything you don’t want. They are typically a little more expensive than finding something on a sale rack, but when I factor in my time of picking something out and making a trip to town, it’s completely worth it to me.

I’ve been using stitch fix off and on for a few years and everytime they send me something, I always atleast love one thing. I started thinking about it and realized that my 5 favorite shirts that I always pick for a date night or a dressy casual event are always my stitch fix shirts. So, to get at least one staple piece that I love is worth it. I wear my vest from this fix about 3x a week in the winter! I LOVE it. The gray shirt from this fix that I kept can go dressy or casual and I have gotten more than my money’s worth out of it. And I absolutely love my blue sweater from this one! 

So without further ado. Lets unwrap the box from this stitch fix style and I want you to tell me what you think.

My typical look is always a sports headband with a t-shirt (which is why I need stitch fix fashion help! ha) Even the day I got my fix in the mail this is what I looked like– pony tail and sports headband. (Fancy, I know)

As soon as I unwrapped the box, before I even tried anything on, I already knew what I was going to keep. Let’s see if you can guess!

In my box I had:

  1. Gorjana Chloe Small Stud Silver Earrings
  2. Liverpool Kaiden Distressed Cuffed Shorts
  3. Loveapella Hadlee Knit Dress
  4. Honey Belle Leandro Henly Top- Navy
  5. Market & Spruce Hi-LoShort Sleeve Teal Green Tee

Loveappella Dress

Navy Honey Belle Henley Top

Liverpool Kaiden Distressed Shorts

Market & Spruce Teal Green Hi-Low Top

Do you think you guessed what I kept?

The dress was a little too tight for me. It was cute, but just didn’t look that great on me. I LOVED the colors and style of the henley, but the sleeves were a little short and the cuffs were a little too big. So, it wasn’t a keeper. The earrings were cute, but I always wear my earrings that the hubs has given me as gifts.  He’s a great jewelry gift giver, so I didn’t need any more earrings. I forgot to take a picture of the stitch fix earrings for you.

RETURN: Dress, Henley Top, and Earrings

KEEP: Teal Green Hi-Lo Tee, Shorts

As soon as I opened the box, I knew I’d keep the green shirt. It was a soft hi-lo shirt in a nice teal green color. I don’t have any green shirts and it can be worn for a casual day at the ball field or dressed up with wedges and jewelry for a date night.

The shorts were a tough choice for me. I liked them, but they were a bit more than I like to pay for shorts. But, the fit was absolutely perfect. They were so comfortable and very well made. I had to text my running partner about 5x to have her talk me into buying them.

So, I did end up keeping them because I know that it’s a pair of shorts that I will definitely get my money’s worth from.

Most of my shorts are shorty running shorts, so to have a good long denim pair will come in handy with kids and activities. Plus, its hard to find shirts to match all my wild pattern running shorts. HAHA!

I’m happy with my choices and had fun unwrapping my box and having someone else pick out a style box for me. She read all my comments and did a great job sending things that I asked for.

I told my stylist that I needed things that I could wear to a ballfield and to kid activities. Next time I will request  date night and dressy casual.

Oh—– and did you notice I’m not looking at the camera in any of my pictures? That’s because I think it is absolutely impossible for me to have my photo taken with my eyes open, so it’s just better that I don’t look! hahahahhaha

I’ll be scheduling another one soon because it is super fun and slightly addicting.

Have you tried it?

Here’s the link to try it! Enjoy!

Happy Stitch Fix to you!


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  1. I always love reading about your Stitch Fix experiences. I do Stitch Fix off and on. Some of my favorite things come from there!

  2. Love all the looks! The photog and the model both did great! Shopping with kids is 😱 for me!

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