Quality time at the track with a McFlurry

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by McDonald’s. All opinions are my own. 

My daughter has been wanting to sneak away and do something just me and her for the past few weeks. I told her when Lane was born that  since we were the only girls in the house that we would get to sneak away and do “girl” fun things together over the years.

I had in mind things like shopping and girly lunches out that consisted of salads with strawberries on them. (She actually hates going shopping.)

For our outing this time,  she asked for us to practice our upcoming race together, just the two of us at the track and then go out for ice cream. (I can totally handle this request since ice cream is one of my favorite foods.)

She has recently signed up to run a 2 mile race and I have been completely blown away by her interest and commitment to practice for it. It is not something that I try to push on her at all.

We live rurally so heading into “town” to run at the track isn’t something that we do everyday. If we run together, you can typically find us running in the evening around our home waving to the cows as we run through their fields after we’ve climbed a fence to get to the path.

I really don’t care what she wants to do though, I’d do anything just to spend some one on one time with her. Any time alone with any of your kids is a treat!

So, I obliged her request and stole her away for a few hours so that we could do some training at the track and then go out for some McDonald’s ice cream afterwards.

Ice Cream is always a motivator to finish.

Quality Time at the Track

We hung out at the track and did some warm up laps before we did a practice run for the 2mile race.

After we recovered from the 2 miles, we did a mini sprint workout.

We did a few sets of 100 meter sprints before we could call it a day and head out for our  McDonald’s ice cream treat for finishing.

(Riley thought it was funny to snap a picture of me after the sprint where I was about to die!)

She was just fine though and ready for he ice cream.

I have not been able to download the McDonald’s app on my phone in the past (or any app for that matter) because my phone had NO memory! But, recently I got a new phone with much more storage space so I was able to download the McDonald’s app.

After our run, I checked to see what kind of deals were happening and one of the perks was a FREE MCFLURRY with any purchase. SWEET! That’s just what I was in the market for.

So, I was able to use the app to get one of our treats for free. It was very easy. All I did was pull up the deal and scan the QR code at the checkout and my total was adjusted.

There were several great deals on the app that day, and I will definitely use it again.

For more information on the app click here.


Ice Cream fit perfectly into the afternoon with my daughter. It was our first of many ice-cream stops at McDonald’s for the season.

We opted for the Oreo McFlurry, because the Oreo ones are the best! But, if by some strange reason the Oreo McFlurry wouldn’t be your top pick for an ice-cream treat at McDonald’s. They have plenty of other ice cream options on their regular menu (not counting any seasonal specials).

It was a fun afternoon of just getting to hang out with my little girl who is turning into a big girl and I’m happy/sad about it. I’m happy to see her grow and watch her personality unfold. But, I’m sad that I won’t ever have a 2 year old little daughter with pigtails dancing and giggling  in my living room again.


I guess there is no reason to waste time being sad. Time is going to pass at the same rate regardless if I’m happy or sad about it. So, I might as well  spend my days being happy and looking at the glass half full and enjoy each season in its uniqueness whatever changes it brings.

What do your kids like to do for some one on one time?

What is your favorite ice cream treat? 


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  1. You go, girls!! And I’m a strawberry shake girl all the way!!!

  2. Any of the sundaes are always great 🙂


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