Power of a Tea Party

We are a Tea Party family.

I’ve been throwing impromptu tea parties with my kids since they were tiny little things. I had a few blog posts about tea parties from about 5 years ago up on the blog but I took them all down because they were from my old website and didn’t transfer very well. But, here is  post from one of our devotional parities and here is one of my favorites– The Messy Nest party. They aren’t exactly “Tea Parties”, but the same concept.

A tea party can cure almost any bad mood.

A few years ago I learned the power of a tea party after a very busy season. I had a lot on my plate and was absent a lot from what was going on here at the home and with my kids. I was gone a lot and even when I was “here” , I really wasn’t really “here”, if you know what I mean. My to-do list, work list, and other commitments had me swamped to the point I was feeling the “Mom Guilt” pretty good.

Sometimes we feel the “Mom Guilt” and it’s not really necessary and we beat ourselves up for no reason and we are actually doing just fine.

But—– this time. It was true. I deserved the feeling because I had overcommitted and was severely under serving my family. But, I am thankful for the conviction to readjust and get my priorities straight again.

One particular day my kids asked me to have a tea party. I didn’t have time. There was no way I could fit it in. But the conviction was so strong that I put everything else aside (even letting other people down) to sit and have a tea party.

This picture is from that day. (5 years ago)

I learned a valuable lesson that afternoon—- The Power of a Tea Party.

It took 15 minutes of my day, but completely changed my kids attitudes for the day and my priorities for life.

I learned that 15 minutes and a little investment goes a long way.

After that 15 minutes, my kids thought I was supermom and they had forgotten how snappy I had been just 30 minutes prior.

I felt better after the tea party  and realized that I was trying to “prove” my worth through all of my outside activities. I was still in this very awkward stage of putting my career on hold to come home and take care of my kids. You might call it a sort of identity crisis. So, I filled my plate up with everything “prestigious” in the eyes of the world to prove to everyone that I was still an awesome, full time working lady, with goals and ambition AND volunteering  AND balancing staying home with my kids. I had to keep my “Rock Star” status up.

The tea party helped me realize that my priorities were a little whack and I was trying to do the impossible—-be awesome at everything all the time.

The tea party was a small and minor act in my day, but a big one in their little world.

The 15 minute tea party caused happy hearts, joyful giggles, and big hugs from my littles that day.

And from that day forward, I’ve made time for tea parties and am thankful to reap the benefits of that invested time.

The benefits of~~~~

~ slowing down to enjoy little personalities

~hearing creative and original jokes from the masterminds of toddler

~ savoring the fleeting moments of this season of motherhood

Our parties are different every time and change each year as the kids get older. We can throw one together in less than 5 minutes.

But the basics are the same.

We share delicious snacks together over uninterrupted conversation with some fancy dishes.

It takes 1 minute to pull out a serving plate and put some cheese, crackers, and grapes on it.

The act of pulling out any kind of fancy serving ware makes the kids feel important, elegant, and special.

Even my boys love our “tea parties”. They come dressed as superheros or cowboys most of the time. (I don’t call it a tea party for them.)

Everyone loves a good snack and a break from the routine of the day.

But, I think their favorite thing is the undivided attention given during our 15 minute parties.

And I’m happy to give it to them.


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  1. Amanda Coombe says:

    Love this! As the only female in our household I don’t think I could get by with a tea party, or at least calling it that! But I have found the same results with picnics. The boys love it when I throw a blanket, some pb&j’s, and drinks in a basket. We trek down to the creek and enjoy nature and time together. It is very little effort on my part but they think it is so special.

    • Amanda Farris says:

      Picnics are perfect for boys. Great Idea! We have those too—– always accompanied with toy swords and armor just in case we meet a bear on the way to the creek and I need to be rescued. HAHAHAHH! I am LOVING this season!
      The concept is the same.
      I’m so glad I learned my lesson, but sad I had to learn it the hard way—- but so grateful!


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  2. […] I posted about The Power of a Tea Party and what I learned during a busy time in my life and how it made me a better […]

  3. […] I posted about The Power of a Tea Party and what I learned during a busy time in my life and how it made me a better […]

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