Its Okay if……… tell someone you’re a mom

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This is the last post in our Its Okay If……. series. I’m so glad that you’ve joined us on Tuesdays this month to talk about some real Its Okay If’s……..

Today- I want to end on:


Its Okay if…….. you tell someone you’re  a mom.


Seriously, It is.


What I mean  by that is— What if when you met people you talked about being a mom with joy and confidence?


We live in a time period where accolades and resumes are the gold standard. When you get several people around- it’s almost like a one-upper contest to see who is the most important, who has the most important job, whose life is busier, or who has the longest to do list.


Immediately people start spouting off everything that they are involved in,  how important their job is or how much responsibility that they have.

Being a mom is one of the last things that someone chooses to mention about themselves. Or they might mention it quickly and in passing but its almost as if they don’t feel like its important enough to talk about or that its not going to impress whoever they are talking to.


And- I’m guilty of it. I’m guilty of  making sure I let someone know how “busy” I am because of all the things I have to do. Or how successful I am because of all my activities, involvement, or work.

I could sit here now and  impress you with my long list of to dos telling you whats all on my plate right now.

But I don’t want to talk about all of that right now.

Because you know what??

We are all busy. We all have a ton of things to do.

We don’t need a contest of “importantness or busyness” to encourage each other in this mom okwalk.

We need to let each other know that its okay to invest time into being  a mom in the everyday life. It is important work.

If you ask the majority of people what their top  priorities are they would say:

1. God

2. Family

3. Friends

4. Work

If you notice- family is always listed as a priority before work.

But- that typically isn’t the first thing that someone wants another person to know about them. The first thing that they want to mention  is their job, activities, and filled to the brim calendar- almost as if in their mind it determines their worth and is their identity.

But what if- when we met people and they asked us what we did– what if we talked about being a mom first? What if we made comments like:

“Loving life and soaking up my kiddos”

“Living the good life and enjoying my babies”

” Well first off- I’m a mom to my (x amount) kiddos who keep me on my toes and keep me laughing everyday”

As conversation progresses weave in  the other things that you do or are involved in such as your career or extra responsibilities- but first establish that you have joy as a mom and enjoy that role in your life and value it as something important. It probably isn’t your only role. You probably have several more that you are filling. But it is your most important role. Don’t devalue it.

What if………

You may be the CEO of a huge multi-million dollar company

You may be the owner of a prestigious business in town

You may be the #1 surgeon in the region

But What if…….

the first thing you shared about yourself was the most important role that you have? AND- encouraged someone else in their most important role?

Its okay if…….. you tell someone that you are a mom.

Say it like you value your position and you feel that it is important.

Encourage the fellow busy mom in her mom walk. Make a point to value her mom role in conversation.

Attitudes are contagious. Joy is contagious too.

Live your priorities. Love your life.



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This is the last post in our series “It’s Okay If…,” which is running on Tuesdays this month. This series is a joint effort with my friend Kelcie, whose post today is “It’s Okay If……. Motherhood is your Mission Field”.  Click on over and show her some comment love because she is AWESOME!

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  1. I love the idea of making motherhood the accomplishment we’re most proud of and primary conversation topic! Thanks for the encouragement and for reminding us to encourage others in this area!

  2. It was great to meet you today, and I enjoyed talking to you. Looking forward to seeing you again at the conference.

  3. What a good series. Looks like a great book too!


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