Its Ok If……. You let your kids pick out their clothes

Alright Moms-

Let’s keep it real here. We are busy. We have a lot of responsibilities. There is always something that needs to be done.

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We are the heartbeat of our home. But we can’t do it all- All the time.

So sometimes- we just have to let things go.

It’s OK if……. you let your kids pick out their own clothes from time to time.

It won’t kill you. It won’t kill them.

Let them have a favorite shirt (Even if its 2 sizes too small….. Ahem I’m talking about the blue avenger shirt that my 3 year old insists on wearing) Yes….. I know it has the hulk on it son. Sure- why not go ahead and wear it.

Cmon’ moms- just let them wear it.

Someday it will be funny.

I’m learning as a mom that some things are a big deal and then some things are not.

Character training- politeness, manners, heart issues- That’s a big deal.

Clean closets, coordinating outfits, and fluffed pillows- Not a big deal. 

If you want to avoid stress- You  have to let some things go. For me I’m letting go of reflection clean windows and a pristine linen drawer.

And………… To save myself time and energy I even let go of micromanaging every outfit that my toddlers wear.

Like check this out:

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I did it. I went grocery shopping with Batman. Be Jealous.

We were also accompanied by a princess in a glittery poodle skirt.

Yep- I took them out in public just like that.

It wasn’t necessarily my choice of a “going to town” outfit.  But you know what? Its Ok.

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Enjoy the Little things for one day the will become the BIG things.

Or check this getup out:

Tractor shirt, plaid  shorts, and boots. Again- not what I would’ve wanted him to wear to church that morning. But if your  little boy wants to wear his tractor shirt and boots to church one time- the world won’t end. I promise. (Well… If the world did end… It would mean Jesus came back- and I’m ok with that.)  (Now…… I couldn’t give in to him wearing something like that if it was picture day for a directory)

But seriously friends- In the  big scheme of life- Its really not a big deal that he didn’t have on his  GQ outfit for one Sunday morning. We all survived.



My daughter  can now dress herself. She can sure come up with some doozies.

This one actually gave me a good chuckle.

With this one, she ran out of her room and announced “I’m ready!”. I’m sure expecting some sort of applause.

So I had to inquire about this outfit.

She had a very logical reason for her choices.


Her reasons:

1. She needed her running shorts on just in case she needed to go for a run. (Ok I can go with that…. but the socks?!?!? What is that?)

2. The Socks: She needed her tall socks on just in case her knees got cold today. (Ok……. A little strange but whatever.)

3. The Crown: She needed her crown because she was also a princess who liked to run.

4. Her Race Shirt: She think it’s cool because it has a frog on it.

All those reasons came straight from her little analytical, logical thinking  4 year old mind. I can go with that.

So you see Moms- its ok if….. you let them pick out their clothes from time to time.

Let’s let our kids be kids.

Eat popsicles, get dirty, have favorite shirts, and LAUGH A LOT!

It will save us a lot of unnecessary control freak type stress and bring a little joy to our days.

One of the secrets to enjoying motherhood and total chaos is to just LET. IT. GO. 

Be Joyful always.

So Moms- I just want to encourage you to take it slow. Enjoy this season. It’s short. You can’t get it back.ok

Don’t waste minutes being stressed about things that don’t matter.

Its ok if……… you let your kids have a favorite shirt.

Its sweet. You will cherish those memories when you look back at those pictures and can tell them the story of why they are wearing a basketball jersey  in all their pictures.

Now- GO and let your kid wear their favorite shirt today (why don’t you wear yours too?!?! I know you have one!)

This is the second post in my series “It’s Okay If…,” which is running on Tuesdays this month. This series is a joint effort with my friend Kelcie, whose post today is “It’s Okay If your kids eat pizza.  Click on over and show her some comment love.


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But I did pick out their outfits for Mothers Day- because it was Mothers Day and I wanted to.

Just look at that cute little tie on #3. Swoon.



Chime In:
What is your favorite shirt? Is it a nice classy top? or a throwback tee?
Do you let your kids pick out their clothes?




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  1. Ok, I have to confess that I have never let my kids pick out their own clothes, but you may have just convinced me! Those pictures are toooo adorable! 🙂 Priceless for sure!

  2. So cute! Love the grocery shopping Batman! 😀

  3. I completely agree. Mine is almost 6 and likes to wear her superman cape everywhere. Everywhere. Well, not to school. I try to keep the annoying-the-teacher to a minimum.

    She wears boots and skirts most days. Or high-heel sandals.

    Of course, there was the one day I let her dress herself for kindergarten. I just happened to go eat lunch with her that day. When I got there, I noticed a little ‘size 5’ printed on the front of her dress. She had her dress on inside-out and backwards. Score! I didn’t want to embarrass her and make her go change, so I left it. I hadn’t noticed, so maybe no one else would. When I picked her up from school, it was fixed. That only made me worry about how many other times she’d gone to school with her clothes on wrong and the teacher fixed it and I never knew.

    Thanks for this,

  4. Love it! Very wise words for fellow mamas.


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  2. […] Its OK If……. You let your kids pick out their clothes. […]

  3. […] It’s Okay If…you let your kids pick out their clothes […]

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