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So last week I posted a few of my random thoughts on some things I wanted to improve on this year and mentioned that I’d be sharing my fitness goals on the blog.

Last year I had really wanted to run in the Arkansas Grand Prix racing series. I felt good about my running and where I was, but then in March we found out we were expecting adding #4 to our bunch and we announced it in June and welcomed him in November.

So needless to say, my fitness and running goals changed very quickly.

I had resolved to run in the series this year, but then after bringing our newborn home from the hospital I was quickly reminded how important sleep is and how little of it you get with a baby.

I started to feel like my goal was a little preemptive and that I was jumping the gun on what I could realistically handle and enjoy, so I called up arkansasrunnermom who is a running boss if you don’t already know. She has 4 kids and is an amazing runner and had an amazing running year last year.

She told me exactly what I needed to hear. In a sum up and in not her exact words she told me to take a CHILL PILL and enjoy my newborn and put some running goals on hold until I sleep through the night again.

So, I still have running and fitness goals but I’m changing them up for the season of 2 hours sleep for X amount of months.

Maybe next year I’ll be able to commit to running in the series, but this year I am committing myself to enjoying our little family that has grown to a party of six.


Here are some of my fitness goals:

 Fitness GOALS

Wear Jeans– Ha! I still can’t button all my jeans from my baby weight. So a goal is to button my jeans and lose my baby weight.

Running– Build my running base up again before I sign up for any local races. My goal is to get in 20-25 miles per week  for 3 weeks straight before I start any kind of training.

Running Times– I have a few running time goals from last year. But, this time around I’m going to see where I am after 3 weeks of getting my mileage in and then set a realistic goal of improvement based on where I am after the 3 weeks.

I started my running back in December just a few days before Christmas, and it was warm. I thought I might have to bring back out the running tanks, but then January rolled around and I was met with bitter cold!

So right when I start my “goal” of my 20-25 miles per week, I’m met with running in sub freezing temperatures. But I am so thankful for having the right kind of gear to run in. It makes a huge difference!

Refrigiwear graciously sent me this vest back in November right before I had Lane. Their speciality is garments that protect you from the cold. The vest  is made of soft simulated down insulation and has reflective lining to help reflect body heat to create an extra layer of warmth.

I had never run in a vest before and now in this cold January weather I won’t run without it. It keeps my core warm without me having to pile on layers and layers of fleece. Running with the vest over my cold gear is perfect for cold weather running. The run starts out cold, but after a couple miles you are comfortably warm enough to push out the rest of the run. I recommend getting one if you are a cold weather outside runner. (I hate- hate- hate- hate the treadmill, so I will brave the cold anytime over the dreadmill treadmill.)

One of my favorite things about this vest is the DEEP zipper pockets. Just the other day I stuck my phone in my pocket and ran with my headphones and talked to a friend for 4 miles while running. (It was supposed to be a comfortable run where I could carry on a conversation.) I wouldn’t do this if I were training hard core for something, but just getting my miles in and working on building my legs back up is just fine for a phone conversation while running. (Even though I did look like a crazy person talking to myself to any bystanders.)


I am a very COLD NATURED person. So I really have to psyche myself up to stay consistent in running in the cold. I love my gloves, ear warmers, and coldgear. They were all the best investment ever!

Refrigiwear sent me some new ear warmers to try and I love those too. I love how they cover my ears!

I don’t have one, but I want to try out a gaiter for those cold and windy days.

I have an action plan and a few tips to share on how I’m going to meet my fitness goals, mainly referring to #1 (button my jeans).

Come back to the blog on Friday to read about some of the things I’m doing to lose the weight (and how much I need to lose to get back to pre-baby weight).

If you want to read up on my running progress and see really bad running selfies go follow me on instagram because that is where I am tracking and telling the story of my progress.


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