Easy Pumpkin Craft

pumpkincraft-1Pumpkin Season is here!

Recently we went to the Pumpkin Patch and enjoyed a day out together. We also made our trip to the store to buy mums to decorate the porch. (They may or may not be dead already. But, I’m trying to keep them alive!)


One of my favorite things to do with the kids is to read a book and then do an activity to match the book.

So, we headed out to the library and swiped all their holiday books off the shelves to take home and explore.

Pumpkin Books

Pumpkin Library Book

My oldest loves for me to do crafts with her. Crafts are totally not my thing. But, it has been my goal this year to do more with them. They are only little once and will only think play-doh and finger paint is cool for a short time.

So after we read our pumpkin books, we made pumpkins with paper plates, glue, and construction paper. I can handle that.

Paper Plate Pumpkin Craft

Painting Pumpkins

Pumpkin Craft
Pumpkin Paper Plate

I made everyone cut out their own face and decorate their pumpkin however they wanted. Because it doesn’t really matter what they look like, it only matters that we were doing something together and having fun. We definitely weren’t entering these in any kind of contest.


But we didn’t stop at one craft, we were rollin’ so we went on to stamp pumpkins with apples.  I just happened to have 2 soggy, wrinkly, on the border of mushy  apples in the house, so I didn’t mind giving them up for painting.

Pumpkin Painting with Apples

apple painting pumpkins

painting with pumpkins

painting with pumpkins orange

So we made pumpkin patches.

pumpkin patch


But, don’t let me fool you. My oldest hung in there and crafted until the end. She even stayed and painted more pictures while I cleaned up.

But my boys were ready to move on to “more important” things as soon as they were released.


Happy Crafting! I hope you take some time this Fall to do some activities with your kids and make memories together whatever it may be. I have really been soaking mine up lately. I guess with baby #4 coming and thinking about how fast this time goes, it has me in a “slow down” mood so I can enjoy them all.

Would you be more likely to do the stamping with apples?

OR the Paper Plate craft?






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