Cousin Ornament Exchange

Annual Cousin Homemade Ornament Exchange

ornament exchange for kids

My sister-in-law had the best idea for our daughters. She suggested starting an annual homemade Christmas ornament exchange between our two girls.

(Can you find the photo bomber?) (He’s mine too- Isn’t he a cutie?)


Each girl has their own tree in their room and is able to put their “special” ornaments on it.

Christmas Tree Girls Rooms

Homemade Ornament Tradition

Each year the girls will make each other an ornament to put on their “special” tree.

By the time 18 years have passed they will have a collection of homemade ornaments for each other that show their age based on the complexity of the ornament. And who knows– they might carry on this tradition for the next 95 years!  Naturally as 4 year olds, we make a lot of ornaments with pop-sickle sticks  and stickers. But, I know as the girls get older they will get a little more complex in how they make ornaments for each other.

What a special memory and tradition for the girls!

Here is what my little girl made for her cousin this year. My toddler boy participated too!







I love how my girl chose each button carefully and precisely to be the same color that went on the end of her snowflake.

I love how my boy wanted each button to be a random color and size, and put them all over his snowflake.

homemade ornament



snowflake ornament

If you decide to make a homemade snowflake ornament for someone you can attach 2 different types of notes with it.

1. For the Frozen fan

Just wanted to give you a little piece of Frozen- Don’t ever Let It Go! Love You-

2. For God’s Girl

Just wanted you to know that God made you special and unique just like a snowflake. You’re one of a kind!- Love You!

When we gave ours to our cousin- I had her say both.

She basically said-

“I’m giving this to you because you like Frozen and Elsa and because God made you special”

Side note:

Note that glitter was everywhere and my husband hates glitter!

They both spilled a whole plate full of glitter.

Nice. It was in our sinks, on our floors, in our hair……. and we are still finding remnants.

Glitter is not clean.

But I would do it again– just to hang out with those cool cats.

I love that we’ve started this tradition. Each year we are able to do it together and I’m able to watch and see how much they’ve grown in their creativity and skills from year to year.

Check out some of the other homemade ornaments that they’ve exchanged. These are the ones that she has received from her sweet cousin. I wish I had pictures of the past ones that we’ve made for you to check out.

But I love how this year we both gave each other popsicle stick ornaments. Love me some sweet little girls (and my sweet boys)!

If you haven’t started an annual homemade ornament exchange with your kids, I highly recommend it! It could be between siblings, cousins, or whoever you think will be in it for the long haul with you!

Homemade Ornaments for Toddlers








Looking forward to seeing what the girls come up with next year!

Did I mention that we love this tradition?!?!?

Do you do an annual ornament exchange with anyone?

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