The 52 Poject 8-14

So I’ve kinda gotten behind on my personal 52 Project quest to learn how to work my camera. The good news is that I’ve been practicing. The bad news is that I haven’t made much progress. But it’s still fun! I did play with several of the settings this last week in hopes to make […]

The 52 Project 5,6,7

So I’m a bit late continuing my posts for The 52 Project. It’s been pretty much a whirlwind around here. I still didn’t necessarily learn anything new on the camera. But I did take a step in that direction. I met with Hollands Reverie and took a few notes about some camera terms. Hey, that’s […]

The 52 Project week 3 and 4

Hey Y’all! I’m back continuing on with The 52 Project. Woo Hoo. I made it to my second post in the year long series. But, I’ll have to be honest. I still didn’t learn how to do much with my camera besides turn it on. It was on the list to learn something. But I […]

Project 52- Telling a story 1 picture at a time

So I have this “fancy” camera as I call it and I have no idea how to use it. I’ve had it for 1 year now. Every week one of my “to-dos” or goals you might call it is to learn one new thing on my camera. I haven’t learned a thing. Yes, you read […]

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