I live in my Dream Home not Dream House

From this post, I hinted around that something exciting was happening at our house right now and many people guessed correctly. We have undertaken the project to add-on to our house. Yippee! So get ready for some updates and posts about that mark progress along the way. But before we get to all that,  I […]

DIY- Fence Pictures Before and After

So we’ve been at this homesteading thing for four years now of working on making our place a home. When we built we were committed to not living out of our means and be financially smart. What I mean by that, is not putting ourselves in an uncomfortable situation just to have all the “features” […]

The 52 Project 5,6,7

So I’m a bit late continuing my posts for The 52 Project. It’s been pretty much a whirlwind around here. I still didn’t necessarily learn anything new on the camera. But I did take a step in that direction. I met with Hollands Reverie and took a few notes about some camera terms. Hey, that’s […]

Fancy Nancy Valentine’s (Free Printable)

My daughter loves Fancy Nancy books, and I’m not going to lie. I kinda do too! I love her imagination, vocabulary, and just all around being a kid. It cracks me up after we read Fancy Nancy books how my daughter talks and plays. I recommend these if you have a little girl! So for […]

Cousin Ornament Exchange

Annual Cousin Homemade Ornament Exchange My sister-in-law had the best idea for our daughters. She suggested starting an annual homemade Christmas ornament exchange between our two girls. (Can you find the photo bomber?) (He’s mine too- Isn’t he a cutie?) Each girl has their own tree in their room and is able to put their […]

Entryway Wall Re-Do with Beadboard

  We have lived in our house for almost 3 years now. And I’ll be the first to admit I am NOT a decorator. I really want to be. I really want to have a beautiful home on the inside. But, I can honestly admit that I am indecisive and get a little anxious when […]

Building a Flower Bed

I just recently shared with you about our family garden. Not only do we like to grow yummy and delicious fresh food for our table in the summer, but I love putting fresh flowers on my table all summer long. Now- I didn’t say that I was good at growing flowers. I just like being […]

5 Reasons to Have a Family Garden

A peek into our everyday life——   So we’ve done the city livin’ together and I’ll just tell ya— It is not for my man. He enjoys the peaceful nights, whippoorwills, turkey and deer front yard crossings while drinking your coffee on the front porch, and running down to the river for an impromptu family […]

Tie or Pearl- Gender Reveal Party

As you read about from my Weekend Recap I threw a Gender Reveal party for my good friend that I’ve known for  23 years! Yes, That’s us in Kindergarten 23 years ago. We are currently working on putting together a 10 year high school reunion together.  Wow! Time Flies. But back to the important stuff- […]

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