Captain America Birthday Cake and Birthday Traditions

I LOVE celebrating birthdays in our house and all the traditions that go along with it. (I just don’t want these birthdays to come so fast! This season is so much fun and going by too quickly for this momma!)


This month one of my kiddos celebrated the big #4 birthday.  He is full of spunk and personality and keeps me on my toes. I tell people if they want to have a good time to invite this little guy over, but they might also pull out their hair. ~haha~ He has a very strong personality, but yet very sweet. He is a ball of fun, laughter, jokes, and tricks.

Just the other day, we all piled in the van to come home and I got everyone buckled in and then couldn’t find my keys. I was looking everywhere. I put my oldest in charge and went back in the building to look for them, and still couldn’t find them. I came back to the car just knowing they had to be there somewhere because I had JUST UNLOCKED it. Then Nathan starts to giggle. He had secretly taken them and been sitting on them, the whole time I was looking for them. Not Funny. But, to him this was hilarious. This is just a sample of his 24/7 antics. One of his favorite things to do is to “trick you”, or to say “That’s So Funny”.

He does have to get disciplined for most of his antics, but it’s the kind where Sam and I make eye contact and laugh behind his back about it, after we have corrected his behavior. He’s typically doesn’t get in trouble for the same thing twice, but it’s always something new.

I love his strong personality though. He is full of adventure and I’m excited about my front row seat to watching his life unfold and discipling him along the way. One of my most consistent prayers in parenting is that the Lord gives me wisdom in making the daily decisions and will help me point them to Christ in all that I say and do.

But enough about being mushy, let’s get to the birthday details and traditions. One of our traditions is to make the birthday cake together and the birthday kid gets to be the only one to help. They get to pick what kind of cake they want, and then I do my best to create it.

Sometimes, I have to steer them in another direction though, if their first cake choice is something way too hard for an amaturer like me. But, luckily my little hero wanted to go with a Captain America cake this year, and I knew just how to make that work.

M&M’s and construction paper to the rescue!

We used red and blue M&M’s to make the shield. I bought a huge bag and had all my kids sit down and separate the M&Ms for me by color. Score! I used it as a teaching opportunity/activity in our homeschool day. Win for the mom! They worked on counting, separating and patterns. Then, I put the leftover M&M’s in cute little carrot bags for their Easter basket.

I really think after I go out and buy all the ingredients it takes to make these “special” cakes that we do for birthdays, it would be cheaper to just buy a cake.

But the memories of making it together are worth more than the few dollars we’d save. The mess of cleaning up is even worth it, because it’s something the kids look forward to doing for their birthday.

Another birthday tradition is the birthday kid gets to go out to eat with mom and dad alone. With having a party of 6 for a family, going out to eat is not a “cheap” deal. So, it’s a treat for the birthday kid to pick their restaurant and have some alone time with mom/dad. Our little cowboy picked Colton’s because they have animals on the wall, you get to eat peanuts, and they give you an ice-cream for your birthday. This tradition is a win for the parents too! Out to eat with no clean up! Woo Hoo!

But our  best tradition is the Birthday Blessings. During a meal, when we are all sitting around the table together, the birthday kid gets his birthday blessings. We all say something that is full of words of encouragement for the guest of honor. We talk about ways they have grown in the past year, things about them that we love, things they have improved on, things they are good at, and so on. We pretty much affirm them, encourage them,  and dote on them in front of the family. The kids usually just tell each other things they like to play with each other. But, it’s still sweet to hear them bless each other.

So there we have it, another birthday in the books. Boy #1 has a birthday in about a week, so he is already thinking up what kind of cake he wants. I hope it’s not too hard!


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  1. A) Nathan looks SO handsome for your dinner out!
    B) He’s 4?! WHAT?! When and how did that happen? Make these kids stop. And I still haven’t got to meet the littlest yet…


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