Basketball Alumni Game

This year I played in an alumni basketball game at my old high school stomping grounds.

I’ve been wanting to post about it for a while, but couldn’t really decide what angle I wanted to write about it to share with all you who take the time to read my blog. I couldn’t really think of a story to go with it——- so just enjoy my ramblings and reminiscing. This post is nothing besides me sharing some pictures from the alumni game and doing a little rambling.

I almost didn’t go to the game because I haven’t picked up a basketball to play in a few years and I didn’t want to be embarrassed going out on the court and playing in front of people from the past. I also felt a little bit like a dork for going because I had to ask a local teenager to borrow some basketball shoes the day before the game. I didn’t even have any!  I’d rather people remember my playing days from being a high school kid in shape rather than a 30 year old mom with 4 kids! haha!

But, I swallowed my pride because the game wasn’t about me. It was about seeing old friends, reminiscing, and having a good time. It was a fundraiser for the community. Those glory days of high school sports being the most important thing are long gone. I’m actually almost a little embarrassed now of the importance I placed on it then.  It was definitely an idol in my life and held a much higher place and importance than it should have. I guess having kids and getting a little older helps to broaden your perspective on life and what really matters and what will hold eternal value.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still a sports junky and am having lots of fun watching my kids start their sports adventures and I am still running competitive races on my own. I’m a true mini van– soccer mom these days.

I appreciate all the experiences and lessons I learned through sports. (That’s a WHOLE DIFFERENT blog post). That could even be a series of posts. But one of the best experiences were all the friendships made and memories made together. Speaking of friendships, one of my very best friends from those sports days has a mom who is an excellent photographer and encourager. She is a mom who was at all of of our games through all of our different sports though all those years from pee wee’s to graduation always cheering us on. She came to the alumni game and took some pictures of all of us girls going out on the court and having a little fun. (THANK YOU SUE! I APPRECIATE YOU!)

I now have some pictures to put in the scrapbook to show my kids someday.

I couldn’t believe that it had been so long since I had touched a ball and played. When Sam and I first started dating, the majority of our first dates were at an open gym night somewhere. We even played once a week or so up until our late 20’s.  I remember it getting hard to get people to come and play and I never really understood why. It’s fun! Come and play and have a good time with us.

But then, more kids were added to our life and other “adult” commitments and we started having to turn down invitations to go and play. Before we knew it, we hadn’t played in several years and no one had invited us to play either! Was it because we were old and uncool now? Or not any good? I don’t know, but either way the open gym days had come to an end.

But, that’s okay. We decided to build a court for “our kids” at our house. Yeah right. It’s not for our kids. It’s for us and we know it. One of the local schools built a new gym and were auctioning off all their old equipment. Sam and I went to the auction and bought a goal that we had both played on as pee wee’s. Now, we are putting  up a school caliber goal in our back yard where we will spend lots of time making important life decisions (like who has to clean the kitchen or change the dirty diaper) over a game of H-O-R-S-E. Winner doesn’t clean. haha


I’ll show you a finished product after we get it all finished. It will be part of our house addition that I mentioned in this post. The goal is up, but the pad has not been poured yet. The goal was super heavy, so we had to get creative in how to put it in our back yard. It took some thinking, tractors, metal beams, and welding.

Being at the alumni game was a fun evening to laugh and reminisce over some of our youthful antics. It reminded me of my post HERE where I talked about not forgetting your “History” friends or friends from the past that endured those awkward adolescent years with you. (If you click on the link– you might even see a ridiculously dorky pyramid picture)

I visited with old teammates and friends and caught up on where they are in life now.

Here’s a fun fact about the alumni game.

I was the 3rd oldest player there! What?!?!!? Am I really getting old? Sheesh, when did that happen.

One of the players that was older than me had been out for almost 25 years and I remember watching her play as an elementary kid.

The other player had been an alumni for over 30 years!

She graduated before I was born and look how BEAUTIFUL she is!


Kudos to them for being there and being awesome!

And this little gem—that was our “coach” for the evening  is headed to play college basketball at a college close to us. My family will be heading out to watch and support her! She’s fun, a hard worker, and down to earth—- just the kind of player that’s fun to watch! Go Carissa!


Sue took a lot more pictures of all the people who played. If you are from the area and want to check them out CLICK HERE.  She took some amazing photos of the girls and guys game because she is awesome and may just need an award for being the Best Rambler Fan ever. I would’ve loved to post more pictures of all the players— but there were like 1837483949021748937509237 of them!

Thanks for sticking with this blog post to the end and letting me indulge myself in some reminiscing. Now, if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to go be an adult now.


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  1. A) the pyramid will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart!
    B) I was SO sad to not get to come to this. I wanted to cry then and now. Plus you would have then been the 4th oldest instead of the 3rd 😉

    • Amanda Farris says:

      Ha! I love our picture too! And— Next year you will have to come that way I can be a “young one” 🙂

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