Baseball Birthday Cake

Another birthday in the books and this was probably the easiest cake I’ve made with my kids.   If you read this post then you know we always make our own birthday cakes when a kid’s birthday rolls around. (My birthday is next up in the family and I’m hoping for a piece of cheesecake from […]

The Wedding Barn Ladies Tea- TICKET GIVEAWAY

It’s time for tea! Recently I posted about The Power of a Tea Party and what I learned during a busy time in my life and how it made me a better mom. And even though we throw our own little “tea’s” at home in a matter of minutes to take a break from the […]

Celebrate National Salad Month with My favorite McDonald’s Salad

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by McDonald’s. All opinions are my own. You guys know that I’m a sucker for the goofy holidays and trends to celebrate. It makes my homeschool planning much more fun with the kids. After I posted this POST about celebrating  National Egg Month  a friend of mine emailed me […]

Strawberry Salad Recipe

Arkansas strawberries are ready so we have been eating all things strawberry at our house. Strawberry shortcake, strawberry salad, strawberry smoothies, strawberry muffins and anything else we can think of to put a strawberry in. Strawberry stands are a huge part of my monthly budget this time of year. I just can’t stop myself from […]

Power of a Tea Party

We are a Tea Party family. I’ve been throwing impromptu tea parties with my kids since they were tiny little things. I had a few blog posts about tea parties from about 5 years ago up on the blog but I took them all down because they were from my old website and didn’t transfer […]

Annual Family Garden Day

The tradition continues—- The Annual Farris Family Garden Day—! It’s a tradition that we mark on our calendars and do our best to guard that day. I have attempted to start many different traditions in our family and some work and some don’t. We keep it as a “tradition” if everyone likes it and it’s […]

Basketball Alumni Game

This year I played in an alumni basketball game at my old high school stomping grounds. I’ve been wanting to post about it for a while, but couldn’t really decide what angle I wanted to write about it to share with all you who take the time to read my blog. I couldn’t really think […]

Stitch Fix Reveal

Oh my word! Earlier this month I went shopping for Easter outfits for my family. I have NEVER had us coordinate on Easter before, but for some reason this year I got the motivation to try it. I took two of my four kids with me on the shopping trip, because getting away by yourself […]

Captain America Birthday Cake and Birthday Traditions

I LOVE celebrating birthdays in our house and all the traditions that go along with it. (I just don’t want these birthdays to come so fast! This season is so much fun and going by too quickly for this momma!)   This month one of my kiddos celebrated the big #4 birthday.  He is full […]

Easter Resurrection Cookies

I love doing all the fun holiday activities with my kids. I’m all about making traditions and coming up with family activities. They don’t all always turn into traditions though, but some do. Every year for Easter we make the resurrection rolls with crescent rolls, butter, marshmallows, and brown sugar and it is so tasty […]

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