Arkansas Runner 2 Mile Race- Recap

A couple of weeks ago my daughter and I ran in the Arkansas Runner 2 mile race. 

It was an event that we had both been looking forward to for a while because it was a planned “girls day”.

I was super excited for Riley to run in the race with me. This was her first race where she raced in the “big race” and  not the “kiddie mile”.

I ran in the Arkansas 2 mile race about 10 years ago and couldn’t even tell you what my time was. I have no idea. It hasn’t been until the past few years that I have actually been keeping semi-good records of my run times.

I have finally accepted running as a “hobby” of mine. I used to say that it was just something I did to stay in shape because it was easy to do living rurally. But, it actually is a hobby because it is something that I like to do and enjoy learning about.

When I was “off” during my recovery time after having Lane last year, I read TONS of information on running and downloaded some ebooks on running. I think it was then that I realized that it was a real hobby.

My running partner is training for a specific marathon finish time  and I’m working on some short distance speed goals, so our training has become more intentional.

BUT—— I did not know how to prepare to run the actual 2 mile race. I felt trained and physically ready for the 2 mile race. But, I wasn’t sure how to pace myself or what kind of running/racing strategy to strive for during the actual race.

I looked up a few things online, but nothing seemed helpful to me. I didn’t know how fast to start the race or when to pick up the pace.

So, I just decided to go with it and just run it and see how it went.

Arkansas 2 Mile Race

I started out the race with a decent pace, but I didn’t pick it up in the middle of the race like I should’ve and could have. Since it was such a short race, I should have pushed myself a little harder in the middle of the race.  I met my goal time, but I felt that I could’ve done better with a better race plan. Well, I guess any race plan would have been better than mine because I didn’t have a plan! HAHA

The 2 mile race seemed SUPER SHORT to me because I have ran 5ks and 10ks this year. During our weekly training, a 6 mile run is the shortest distance we do (even when doing a speed work day).

So, I didn’t have a good gauge of how long 2 miles would be for an actual race.

When I turned a corner in the race and saw the finish line was not far off,  I realized that I could’ve pushed myself and went faster for a better time because I had some energy left at the end. The finish line came quick.

My goal was under 14 minutes and I finished with a 2 mile time of 13.28. I ended up getting an award for the 3rd place female in my age division.

But the best part about the race was getting to do it with my daughter. Having her with me doing anything is a fun day. 

The plan was for me to finish and then go back and run in with her. I didn’t have to run far back up the course to find her to run her in.

She finished strong and got an award for first place female for the under 9 years old category.

They gave out some unique awards at this race. The awards were hand made cedar medallions. The money for this race all went to the new Benton Boys and Girls Club, so the organizers of this race solicited help from local businesses and friends to help make as much money for the center as possible. The awards were hand made and donated by a local.


A big shout to my mom for getting up at the crack of dawn to help us at the race and hold my baby. That’s what moms are for right? Being there for you to encourage and support even if you are over 30 😉 .

I don’t have another race planned on the calendar. But, I need to get one of the radar soon! It helps to keep me motivated to improve to meet my personal goals.

But one of the best things about races is meeting up with running friends!



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