Annual Family Garden Day

The tradition continues—- The Annual Farris Family Garden Day—!

It’s a tradition that we mark on our calendars and do our best to guard that day. I have attempted to start many different traditions in our family and some work and some don’t. We keep it as a “tradition” if everyone likes it and it’s not too stressful to keep up.

You know all those crazy traditions  that people feel immense pressure to do at Christmas (or any other holiday) but don’t have time for, so they just overstress themselves and end up being a frazzled mess the whole holiday season. That’s not for us, so we try to limit our traditions to things that are doable for us.

And Garden Day has made the cut as a keeper.

Every year we mark a Saturday in April as Garden Day.

We get up early and go out for donuts and then head to Lowes to grab all kinds of  goodies for our garden and flower beds. The kids countdown the days until Garden Day because going out to eat for donuts is an exciting day for them. They get to pick any donut they want. Someone always gets pink sprinkles and someone always gets a chocolate covered one.

The kids get involved and get to pick out their own seed packets for an area in our yard and they each have their own potted plant. My youngest killed his potted plant on DAY 2 of having it this year. He overwatered it every 2 seconds and beat it to death. I think he just liked playing in the water hose.

Oh well.

Sam takes over the vegetable garden and I’m in charge of  all the flowers.

I like making our porch look pretty and he likes the challenge of growing a good garden. I like to eat fresh vegetables and he likes to grow them. Good teamwork.

But one of the highlights of our annual Garden Day is the family long jump contest.


After Sam gets the garden tilled up, then it is ready for the boys to play in the dirt and for the long jump contest to begin.

Our kids love it.

And I win every year.

Just kidding. Sam is still the reigning champ.

After the donuts, flower buying, and olympic long jump training we have to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Sam starts planting the garden and I start cleaning out the flower beds and prepping them with all things pretty.

The kids help and then play, then help, then play. They do this on repeat all day long. Most of the time though, you can catch the boys playing in the fresh dirt all afternoon.

Some of my potted plants don’t make it all summer because I end up forgetting to water them. But, I am getting better and better each year. So if you come and visit me this summer I may have pretty flowers on the porch or a pot of brown ones. Not sure.

Either way- Garden Day is still fun.

And there’s no better way to end a day of work then by roasting hot dogs around a homemade fire pit.

Happy Garden to You!


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  1. Jessica says:

    **AHEM** you’re YOUNGEST is not the one who watered and beat the flowers to death…. unless he has progressed a lot more than expected in his first 6 months?!

    But really, I love this post and the traditions you keep with your kids. Still want to come see y’all sometime really soon.

  2. This is such a sweet tradition, Amanda!


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