Farris-001 blog

A few things about me:

Born: I’m an Arkansas Girl. I drink Sweet Tea, Float the Buffalo, Go on Hikes, and think Camping is a Great Vacation.

Education: University of Central Arkansas. Go Bears! I like fitness,sports, exercise, and adventure so I got my BS in Exercise Science. I also love fresh flowers on my table, good food, and practical information so I got my Minor in Family and Consumer Sciences/Nutrition. Oh and I love education, learning, and coaching so I went and got my teacher’s license and coaching endorsement for Arkansas.

Fitness: I used to teach fitness classes and do personal training (before I had 3 kiddos). I taught cardio kickboxing, cross training classes, and would occasionally fill in for Zumba. Currently,  I enjoy running with my running partner and crossfit.

Career: I was a teacher/basketball coach who hung up the whistle after I was promoted to being Mom. After I had my kiddo-( and now we have 3!) I realized that the season of having little ones in your house is short and there will be plenty of time later for me  to pursue that particular career. Right now- I’m doing things that keep my schedule more flexible – But you can read a little bit more of my story here concerning that.



Married: I married my super hero husband between my Freshmen and Sophomore year of college. We did the whole– married housing, go to college together thing.


The Hubs: He is a basketball coach/teacher. (More on this story later)

A few of my favorite things:

blog interest

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) : My husband and I worked for FCA a year together when we were in college. I  went on to be an area rep in my county.





I love quotes, good music, and having dance contests with my kids in the living room.
If you have any good music you’d like to recommend leave me a comment and I’ll check it out!
I blog about my life, my faith, my family, my hobbies,  and my thoughts- Just living the adventure of this crazy, southern life as a mom, wife, and friend. 

I’d love for you to  join me on my journey of this adventure we call Life.