6 Months Old Pictures- Baby Poses

All things are good here.

I have it on my “loose plan” to write a blog post every day, but then life happens and is happening fast and sitting at the computer just isn’t an option. It takes me about 2 weeks to write one blog post with only writing about 5 minutes every other day. You see when I get up super early to write, the kids decide on that day that everyone needs to be up before 5 am. When I find a few minutes to steal in the afternoon to write, it is inevitable that something exciting happens and we have to go on a grand adventure of some sort (or someone spilled their juice, needs a snack, or a squabble needs refereeing), just everyday life stuff.

But, I still love this little place and all of you who take the time to be part of this “Embracing Grace and Living the Adventure” community.

It has been almost 1 year since Sam and I released our homemade amateur singing video to announce the addition to our family. It has been a FAST year for sure. But, I’m starting to realize that every year with kids is a fast year. A little too fast for me.

As I was in my late teens and early twenties I thought ” These are the best years ever!”, then my mid-late twenties happened and I thought ” This is the LIFE! It couldn’t get any better”. Now I’m in my thirties and just look around and think- “These are the years. The best years”.  My friends who are in their forties tell me that’s the best decade and my friends in their fifties swear that’s the best life.

Life is good and just keeps getting better and better. Probably because I’m in such a sweet spot in my motherhood journey. I am content and there is nothing else that I’d rather be doing than raising my little tribe. Sure, I have other interests and life goals, but they can all wait until later. I’m not in any kind of hurry.  My plate is full enough as it is right now (and a good kind of full too).


But back to the whole point of my post. Lane turned 6 months recently. I am not a “happy pregnant” person. I’m typically very grouchy and selfish during pregnancy (and feel guilty that I’m like that the whole time!). Then as soon as I have my baby, I feel like a huge jerk, humbled  and embarrassed that I ever had a bad attitude during pregnancy just because I was a little uncomfortable or couldn’t do a flip on the trampoline. (Just kidding- I can’t do a flip ever.)  I always wish I could have a “re-do” and be the cheeriest pregnant person around.  I shamefully admit this to you all.

But, just like all my other pregnancies as soon as Lane got here every bit of the pregnancy was forgotten and I fall immediately in love, over the top smitten and would be pregnant every day just to have them all. He is the perfect addition to our family and we love having a baby around so much. I just sit and squeeze his chunky little thighs and kiss the top of his head and breath in his delicious baby smell all the time. He is a good baby who smiles and laughs all the time and every time I hold him I am overwhelmed with how thankful I am to have him and my little posse of four.

From this post, I mentioned that I took a photography class to learn how to use my camera. I’m still trying. I’m not very passionate about wanting to be a great photographer, but I do want to know how to take pictures that look decent for my personal use.

So, I practiced again for Lane’s 6 month pictures home photo shoot, just for me to be able to put in my yearly scrapbook. (Yes, I do make time to do those and I can share with you details of how I do that if you are interested.) 

I took 91 pictures in a matter of 30 minutes and after looking at all of them I LOVED about 30 of them. I don’t need 30 six month pictures printed and put on my wall, so I counted the photo shoot as a success!

I’m still learning what kind of style I like in photos, and haven’t really been able to pinpoint it.

Here are some links of some picture styles that I love:

Instagram: Chels_Holland– I love how her pictures look so natural and are bright in every single one of them. She does a great job of capturing the moments of everyday life, but make it look like a PICTURE PERFECT image with perfect styling and lighting.

Blog: Blessings and Raindrops– Jenny is the real deal guys. If you want to follow a blog (besides mine of course 😉 ) Follow Jenny. Her story is amazing. I know her  “in real life” and just adore her. Her words and perspective is on point. But besides that- her photos. I LOVE her photo style. Jenny- if you read this, could you teach me!

I can’t decide which picture I want to add to my frames. Which one is your favorite? Remember– I took 90- liked 30– and only posted 14 on the blog. Tough Choices!


My husband likes this one because he is making a funny face. LOL It’s a cute face, but I’m not a fan of the shadows or harsh light




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  1. Your photos are beautiful!!!!! Six months is the best age for a little model in front of the camera if I do say so myself;)))!! Thank you for the sweet mention … you are so kind! <3

  2. One of us has miscounted. 🙂 You said you posted 10, and I counted 14. And since you’re making me narrow down my favorites (which, frankly, is impossible), I like 2, 5, 8 and 14.

    But every single one is ADORABLE!

    I love your little tribe. Your such a good mama.

  3. Please edit my comment. “You’re,” not “your.” (Don’t tell anyone I did that!) :p


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