2nd Birthday- He turns two!

Oh goodness.

My baby just turned two! He’s a bundle of energy, very precise and particular, passionate, and has lots of initiative. He’s funny and goofy and as cute as can be. We are so thankful to have him in our family!

For his second birthday we did a Dirt Cake because his favorite book is a dump truck book that we have. I used the same chocolate cupcake recipe I used for the tie/pearl gender reveal party. I promise I’ll get it posted soon! Everyone always loves this recipe. The great thing about making a dirt chocolate cake is—— that I can make it homemade and it looks alright! It’s supposed to be messy! Yay for me- 2 pts for mom on the cake.


And of course for your birthday you get to lick the batter spoon! Birthday Perks people.


And because he gets tired of me yelling at him to look at me so I can take a picture- I get a big crazy eyed -cutie- patootie chocolate face- grin.


And because I found all these props laying around the house about 30 minutes before our guests arrived I threw together an impromptu photo booth shoot for our sweet two year old.








I’m so thankful to have him in our family. He brings us so much joy every day and keeps us humble in this parenting road, a youngest child with a mind of his own who keeps us on our toes; but in a good fun adventurous way. We  love watching his passion unfold and look forward to the upcoming year to learn him even better.


Happy Birthday Nathan!



Go here to check out his first birthday!

Oh and because I’m such an original mom, my soon to be four year old also got a dirt cake for his second birthday because he also had a love for dirt, dump trucks, snails, tails, and puppy dog tails.  Do you think they look alike?

download (1)




So the moral of this blog post—

Have Birthdays, Celebrate, and Eat Cake!








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  1. So cute! Love the dirt cakes! Thanks for sharing at the Weekly Venture Link Up. 🙂


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