10 Year Anniversary

Yipee! 10 years are in the books!

Y’all this marriage thing has definitely been an adventure worth living. I know to  you veteran married folks who are rolling into being married 25, 50, and 75+ years, this 10 year things seems like nothing and you are probably politely chuckling at me right now! But that’s okay, because I am excited! Being married to my man  has been the biggest  blessing in my life. (and my kids of course!–  but that came after being married for a few years)

We got married young, right after my freshman year of college. We traded in the “normal” college life to tackle married housing, classes together, homework, working, and hanging out with friends at our college campus as married folk at just 19 years old.

When we first announced our marriage plans, as you can guess we were met with  some raised eyebrows from well meaning friends and family.

I’ll be the first to say that getting married young isn’t for everyone. But it WAS for us.

Because I like lists so much (you can typically find about 10 around me if you count my purse and desk) , I’ll give you a 10 Reasons We Are Glad We Got Married Young list. (Here are some of the other lists- ( 9 Marriage Tips, 3 things with your Toddlers, 5 Reasons to get up, 5 things I’ve learned, 29 thoughts)

8 Perks of Getting Married Young

  1. Grow Up Together

We got to grow up together (and still are). We were together in college doing homework and living on pennies and then we moved on to  launching our careers together and funneling into the professional life. We’ve been able to help and watch each other tackle and conquer personal goals (as well as witnessing some failures along the way). We’ve grown from 18 year old  kids into the 30 year old adults  together. (Well, I’m 29.)

  1. Memories and Background

Because we’ve grown up together, we have lots of memories together. It makes telling stories to our kids about us as a couple easy and fun! Since we have so many memories together, we share a common background of experiences.

  1. Merging Finances is Easier

Because we’ve been together since we were young, it made merging together much easier. There were no pre-nups. We didn’t have anything to pre-nup. We didn’t have any money, houses, or stuff. All we had was each other and 10 year old vehicles. It made working together on finances much easier, because we managed it together and made decisions on how to handle it. There were no his/her banking accounts and the decision on who was going to pay what bill. We’ve grown into that system together.

  1. Merging Lives is Easier

Getting married young gave us less time to get set/stuck in our ways and habits. If you tried to get me to break some of my habits and quirks now, you’d probably have a hard time. But getting married young had a benefit, we grew into our quirky habits together with less expectation.

  1. Share Milestones

If you go back to point #1, growing up together, this is part of that benefit. We have been able to share many life milestones together.

  1. Fun, Crazy, Memories

We have lots of silly memories from our time together as teenagers, young adults, and now as a family.

  1. More likely to have a 50th year anniversary party

Who doesn’t like parties? Most 50 year marriages I know get a party so by marrying young you increase the odds of getting a party in your favor. Waiting until 30 years of age to marry might get you a party, but will you be able to dance?

  1. It’s Fun Defying the Odds

Yes, many say “don’t get married young!”, but this is only because they think young age marriages end badly. Certainly, many do as there is no denying, but that just makes it sweeter that after 10, then 20, then 50 years of happiness that your marriage defied the odds. (Knuckle bumps for husband and wife)

If I was real clever, I would have come up with 2 more to make it a 10 Perks of Getting Married Young post for my 10 Year Anniversary. What would you add to the list?





Come back next week and check out our trip to the Smoky Mountains  PLUS our favorite scriptures that help us in our marriage (from a his/her perspective).


So Happy 10 year anniversary to my sweet man!

(Yes our pictures were taken on rolls of film not digital. )




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  1. Jessica says:

    Merging lives— the great closet clean out! I think it was one of your tougher personal obstacles in that first year!

  2. This is like reading my own story! It’s crazy weird how similar our stories are. Also, hey Uncle Pat in the background! 🙂

  3. Congratulations on reaching #10! No doubt your positive attitude has a lot to do with making those 10 happy years. Your list is well done.

  4. Congrats and happy anniversary! Love your positive vibe!

  5. Congrats to you. 2005 was a wonderful year to get married 🙂

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